Valentine’s Day Gift Idea For Different Types Of Tobacco Users

There are lots of ways to enjoy tobacco besides smoking cigarettes. Many people enjoy tobacco in its rawer form, when it is rolled fresh into a cigar or when it is smoked via a vape pen or consumed via chewing tobacco. If you have someone in your life who enjoys tobacco, here are a few Valentine Day gift ideas.

Cigar Smoker

For the tobacco user in your life who enjoys a nice cigar, you have a few different options. You can head down to your local smoke shop and purchase them a type of cigar you know that they like and have smoked before. Or you can get some assistance with choosing a top-line cigar that your loved one is not likely to indulge in and buy for themselves.

You can also get them some cigar related accessories, such as a nice cutter that allows them to slice through and cut their cigars. Or you can purchase them some nice rolling paper and fresh tobacco, so they can create their own custom cigar.

You can also go the more classic route, and get them a really nice cigar box to protect their nicest cigars.


If your loved one likes to vape, there are lot of accessories that you can purchase them. You can purchase them replacement coils and batteries for their vape pen, so they can keep on using it. You can also purchase them a new vape pen that is an upgrade from their existing one.

There are lots of different flavors of tobacco that one could vape. You could make your loved on a little gift basket full of some of their favorite vaping flavors as well as some new interesting flavors as well.

Chewing Tobacco

If you loved one likes chewing tobacco, there are a few different accessories you could get them for Valentine's Day. You could get them a spill proof spittoon, so they have somewhere to spit their tobacco that will not get all over the place.

You can purchase them a lid that goes on top of their chewing tobacco. These lids are made to fit the size of a typical chewing tobacco container. They can be made with all sorts of custom engravings that reflect the overall interests of your loved one.

You could also get them a dip clip or grip, so they can hold their chewing tobacco tin onto their clothing or clip it up in their car. For a little variety, you could purchase them a sample of different type of chewing tobacco that they may not have explored before.

If your loved one likes tobacco, just figure out what type of tobacco they enjoy – cigar, vaping, or chewing – and get them a few accessories that they could use this Valentine's Day from your local tobacco supply shop.