3 Ingredients To Look For In A THC Detox Tea

Drug tests have become more commonplace in today's society. Passing a drug test is typically a prerequisite for acquiring a job, and large corporations may require random drug testing while you are in their employ. These tests are designed to detect various substances within the body, so ensuring that your body is properly detoxified prior to taking a drug test is important.

Eliminating THC from your body can seem like a challenging task, but it's a goal that can be accomplished by following a strict detox routine that features a reputable detox tea. Weeding out the reliable detox teas from those that don't live up to the hype is simple when you take a close look at the ingredient list.

Your detox tea should include the following three ingredients in order to maximize the success of your detox efforts.

1. Fiber

Ingesting the right amount of fiber each day is critical to your digestive health. Fiber contributes to better bowel movements by stimulating the intestines and helping to promote the efficient processing of food.

Increasing your fiber intake can be a great way to eliminate THC from your body through more frequent bowel movements. A detox tea that contains added fiber will be a beneficial tool as you strive to rid your body of traces of THC in preparation for a future drug test.

2. Thiamin

If you really want to get rid of THC within your body quickly, you need to boost the amount of exercise you perform during your detox period. THC is stored within the body's adipose (or fat) tissue. Getting your body to burn off more fat will help release stored THC and flush the chemical out of your body.

A detox tea that contains thiamin can help you maximize your fat loss, and resulting THC loss, efforts. Thiamin plays a key role in helping to convert starches and sugars into energy. When the detox tea you are drinking contains thiamin, you will feel more energized and able to sustain workout efforts to eliminate fat cells filled with stored THC prior to a drug test.

3. Rhodiola Rosea

As you detox, you must manage withdrawal symptoms to maintain your quality of life. THC can have mood stabilizing effects, so eliminating THC from your body could cause you to experience mood swings.

A detoxify drink that contains rhodiola rosea, also known as rose root or arctic root, will help you adapt to lower THC levels. Rhodiola rosea has been proven to be a powerful adaptogen, allowing your brain to quickly adjust to psychological stress without long-lasting side effects.