Questions To Ask At Your Local Vape Shop

If you have a local vape shop that has become your go-to for cartridges and e-juices, you may want to stop by sometime when they're not too busy. This gives you some more time to talk to the owner or manager and ask a few questions. Starting a conversation and asking the right questions can help you discover new products and also learn more about vaping in general. So, what questions should you ask at the local vape shop?

Where are the e-juices made?

Some vape shops make their own e-juices and vape liquids? Other shops buy their vape liquids from a specific distributor or distributors. It's not always clear from the packaging on the vape products or the signage itself. But if you ask, most vape store owners will be happy to tell you all about the liquid and how it is made, whether they do the formulation themselves or hire someone else to do it. You can gain insight into how vape liquids are formulated, what ingredients are used in the specific liquids you've been vaping, and what goes into the creative process of designing vape products.

What are your favorite flavors?

Asking the vape shop owner what their favorite flavors are may open your world to a whole new vaping experience. They have probably tried most, if not all, products in the store and should be able to tell you what's good. This may save you from experimentally buying vape liquids only to find you don't enjoy them as much as you'd hoped. Some shop owners have even been known to offer samples when you ask them about their favorites.

Do you have any vape use tips?

Many people figure out how to use their vape pens on their own, and they hone their own technique over time. You've probably found a strategy that works for you, but is it the best strategy? Ask your vape shop owner! They'll usually be willing to watch you vape, critique your technique, and give you some tips for improving your technique. You might learn some ways to make your vaping safer or some strategies to get more out of each cartridge. 

Vape store owners are great people to have conversations with. They already share a passion with you — vaping — and they tend to be very knowledgeable about that passion. An owner can help you discover new products and learn how to better use them.