Three Reasons To Take Disposable Vapes With You On A Trip

When it comes to keeping track of items, it seems like one stable thing would be much more straightforward than taking multiple disposable items. One time where this rule would not apply is during traveling. When you are traveling, it can be important to carry more than one of most items, including shoes, clothing, and toiletries. Depending on how long you will be gone, you may need to check a bag plus bring a carry-on. If you are a smoker, this adds more to your packing list. Here are three reasons to take disposable vapes with you rather than one permanent vape when you are going on a trip. 

It may be easier to meet airport liquid requirements

When taking a vape and a refill, you may find yourself over the TSA requirements for liquids allowed in carry-on luggage. Containers of liquid that are over 3 ounces each are typically not allowed to be carried through the airport. Disposable vapes that are smaller will fit into the requirements better and be able to fit into a quart-sized bag that is permitted to be bought through airport security. This makes it easier for you to go to an airport smoking room or step outside if you have a long layover without having to retrieve your regular-sized vape out of your checked luggage or go without smoking for the duration of a long trip.

If you break one, it's no big deal

Breaking a vape or losing a vape can be an issue if you are an everyday vaper. If you break your vape during your journey or while you are away on vacation, you may have to go out of your way to find a shop that sells vapes and vape cartridges. Depending on the city or country that you are traveling to, you may find it difficult to find certain smoking products. When you carry disposable vapes, if you lose one, you can go back into your luggage to get another. Being prepared will stop you from having to stop your vacation to hunt down a smoking shop. 

Bringing these places they may get ruined or confiscated hurts less

Breaking your favorite vape pen is a hurtful experience, especially if you paid a lot of money for the vape. On vacation, you may be intending on going places that include the beach, museums, parties, or activities such as hiking or climbing. In some of these activities, you could break a vape pen or have it confiscated in order to be allowed into the building. Handing over a disposable vape pen is less costly and less likely to upset you.

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