3 Reasons To Opt For A Glass Pipe Instead Of Wood

Pipes are portable, reusable smoking accessories that make financial and aesthetic sense for most smokers. When it comes to purchasing a pipe, you'll have many choices, including size, design, and material. The first thing you should consider is what material you want your pipe made from. Common materials include glass, wood, stone, acrylic, and metal, with glass and wood being by far the most common. 

Although many smokers prefer the aesthetics of wood pipes, there are several reasons to choose glass pipes instead. 

Glass Pipes Don't Give Off Fumes

When wood is heated, it will give off fumes and may even burn. This means that you'll be inhaling wood smoke as well as what you intend to smoke. This not only changes flavors, but can also harm your lungs. On the other hand, glass does not give off any fumes, burn, or melt when you are smoking. This means you can control exactly what is going into your body. 

Glass Pipes Stay Cool While Smoking 

One problem with wood, especially wood pipes combined with metal pieces, is that it heats up as you smoke. After a few draws on the pipe, you may notice certain parts of the pipe become too hot to touch, and the mouthpiece may become too warm to comfortably draw on. Glass pipes tend to have better designs for insulation, allowing more of the exterior of the pipe to stay cool while you smoke. This can give you a longer, less-stressful smoking session. 

Glass Pipes Are Easier to Clean

Glass pipes can be scraped clean without damaging them, whereas wood pipes are more likely to get scratched while being cleaned. Additionally, with glass pipes you can use alcohol or a similar cleaner for a thorough cleaning. Because glass is non-porous, you can rinse the pipe, allow it to dry, and not worry about inhaling your cleaning projects. With wood, any time you use a liquid cleaning product, you risk the wood absorbing it and it later being released into your lungs. 

Because glass pipes are easier to clean thoroughly, you may be more likely to clean your pipe often and maintain more hygienic smoking conditions than you would with a wood pipe. 

Both glass and wood pipes have their benefits. However, in most cases a glass pipe will give you a better smoking experience and will be easier to maintain, resulting in a longer-lasting, more convienient pipe. Contact a company that sells glass smoking products to learn more.